A Growing Trend

The mention of house plants once conjoured up images of dowdy aspidistras, unruly umberella plants and fusty ferns desperately clinging to life in the corner of your grandparents living room.

In recent times they’ve been enjoying something of a renaissance which has seen their popularity soar to the dizzy heights of the Victorian era thanks to their incredible versatility and adaptability.

Climb aboard then, join the revolution, and in the words of George Orwell, ‘keep the aspidistra flying!’

Houseplants come in all shapes and sizes, many with architecturally stunning foliage, and others with beautiful blooms in a wide spectrum of colours. Apart from regular watering and feeding, most require little attention to keep them looking at their best.

The charm and appeal of house plants is universal so whether you’re wishing to freshen up your kitchen, bring new life to your bathroom or inject some colour into your lounge or dining room, indoor plants are the perfect way to literally breathe new life into any living space. Browse our selection of flowering and foliage plants featuring orchids, ivies, succulents, ferns and more.

Houseplants make great gifts and we are always happy to advise on the selection and positioning of plants to suit all aspects be they warm, cold, humid, dry, dark or bright. Giftwrapping? No problem. Simply ask a member of our staff who will be pleased to quote your for the service.

For that finishing touch we also offer plant containers and colour themed pot covers in a choice of ceramics and plastics alongside dedicated composts, specialised plant foods and a full range of sundries catering for all your horticultural requirements.

Assist Breathing

House plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen making plants and people great partners

Increase Humidity

House plants release moisture vapour decreasing the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs

Improve Health

According to research, adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates and lowers both heart rate and blood pressure


Sharpen Focus

Studies show that simply being around house plants improves concentration, memory and productivity

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