Where Pets Are Pals

If you’re considering giving a loving home to a pet then look no further.

We’ve everything you need to get you started in this amazing hobby whether your preference is for aquatics, birds or small mammals.

So whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself a seasoned professional, we’ve everything you need to keep your furry (or feathered or finned for that matter!) friend happy and healthy.

Here at Wentworth Pet & Aquatics, we put your pets wellbeing first.

As an experienced team of responsible pet owners ourselves, we understand the relationship that owners have with their beloved animals. As such, we strive to provide the best possible service to benefit your pet.

If you’re considering a new addition to the family, be sure to call in for an initial chat with a member of the team who will be delighted to start you out on the right path.


Tropical & Cold Water Aquatics

We stock a huge range of pond (in season), coldwater and tropical fish plus Tropica aquatic plants with regular weekly deliveries ensuring a fresh and constantly changing range.

We stock aquariums, equipment, foods and accessories from all the major names in this field including Juwel, Tetra, Rena, Arcadia, Hagen, BiOrb, Eheim, Tropica, King British and many more besides.

Let yourself be inspired and allow our friendly and knowledgeable staff set you off on the right road in this incredibly rewarding and absorbing hobby.

Pond Plants & Water Gardening

Our fully automated 20 vat system is home to major stocks of all popular pond fish including Goldfish, Comets, Shubunkins, Orfe and Sturgeon plus a fantastic selection of graded Koi for every budget.

Everything you need for setting up your very own pond or water feature can be found under one roof with equipment from market leaders Hozelock. With foods from King British and Nishikoi, a large range of pond liners and water features plus a vast selection of water plants of every description we’ve everything you need to create your very own water garden whatever your ambitions.

Birds & Small Mammals

Children and adults of all ages love pets and at Wentworth, so do we!

Our state of the art animal and bird housing system holds a quality selection of rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice plus budgies, finches, cockatiels and more all sourced from reliable local breeders.

Once you’ve settled on the type of pet you wish to keep you’ll need to provide them with a comfortable home. We offer everything you need to get started including hutches, cages, food, toys, accessories and more.

Domestic Pet Supplies

We’re a nation of pet lovers, and rightly so but more than that, they quickly become a part of the family too. Cats and dogs offer unconditional love, affection and friendship, as well as a host of therapeutic benefits, such as improved general health and wellbeing…after all, who doesn’t like coming home to a cuddle from a furry friend at the end of a long day?

We stock everything you need to keep your constant companions healthy and content including high quality foods from recognised market leaders, snacks, treats, toys, beds, collars and leads and much more besides. 


Animal Expertise

Our friendly and knowledgeable assistants are always on hand to answer any queries you may have whatever your field of interest

Premier Suppliers

We only deal with the market leaders and top local breeders in the pet industry ensuring complete peace of mind


Free Water Testing

Water quality issues? Pop in with a sample of your pond or aquarium water and we’ll be happy to test it for you

Delivery Service

We offer a comprehensive local ‘delivery to your doorstep’ service on all items. Please ask in store or call us on 01226 744842 (ext. 1)

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