A Labour Of Love

The gardens as they stand today are scarcely recognisable from the overgrown tangle that we inherited almost four decades ago.

Once the green veil of ivy and bramble was swept aside, their hidden beauty began to emerge. Careful cultivation and a staged programme of renovation and regeneration have seen the gardens elevated to RHS Partner Garden status.

Their future is now assured for generations to come who we hope will derive as much pleasure from them as we have in our tenure here.

Possibly the largest contributory factor to our site’s individuality is its setting within the extensive former kitchen gardens and pleasure grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse.

Major renovation projects undertaken over several decades have gradually transformed the gardens into their beautiful present day state. Quite simply the gardens are a labour of love and we are proud custodians, guiding them through the current stage of their existence.

The gardens are entirely self funded where a constant programme of renovation over the past thirty years has seen them brought back to life from the overgrown wilderness we inherited all those years ago. Under the care of head gardener Jonathon Frisby and his team of dedicated volunteers, the garden is truly a delight to behold the seasons round.

With so much to discover around every corner including a bear pit, statuary, fallow deer, maze, rock and Italianate gardens, ponds, pools,  fountains and more, these romantic gardens offer something to explore for all the family.

Additionally we recognise the huge importance of these gardens as a vital habitat to a vast array of wildlife including birds, mammals, insects, amphibians and plant life. We are committed to raising awareness of our native wildlife and creating habitats which enable it to thrive in our garden. With the help of local wildlife expert and BNA Chairman Steve Rutherford, his wife Pauline, and their dedicated group of naturalists, we are compiling a detailed record of wildlife sightings in and around our site throughout the calendar year.

We hope that you will derive as much pleasure from visiting the gardens as we have over the years and hopefully, through visitor support and our own investment we can leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Recent Projects


Millennium Maze

A complete redesign and replanting of the original maze (in conjunction with Fitzwilliam Wentworth Estates) which had been ‘grubbed’ out shortly after WWII


Rock Garden

A total overhaul including the creation and renovation of rockeries, hosta and fern borders, ponds, pools and cascades complete with an accompanying planting scheme


Italian Garden

Renovation of the formal Italianate garden and its canal pond alongside the introduction of various topiary and replanting of the herbaceous borders


Woodland Walk

The creation of various Spring borders replete with seasonal bulbs and perennials plus the introduction of thousands of Snowdrops which are lifted and divided each year


Deer Paddock

A large paddock was created for our small herd of beautiful Fallow deer. Look out for Duke our lovely stag…he’s very partial to chopped apples and carrots


Wisteria Arch

We recently commissioned and installed a seventy five metre long Wisteria arch completed with accompanying planting that frames the entrance to the garden


Sunken Garden

Major rebuilding works were undertaken to stabilise to the collapsed terraces alongside their replanting and the restoration of the rectangular pond and fountains


Maze Platform

Commissioned by ourselves and built and installed by local carpenter Steve Cutts, this oak construction at the maze’s centre offers an elevated 360 degrees viewpoint

Nature Notes

An extensive and ongoing list of species encountered and identified within our historic gardens, compiled by resident expert, Steve Rutherford and his dedicated team


Admissions & Opening

Summer 10:00am–5:00pm
Winter 10:00am–4:00pm
Adults £2.00
Children £1.75 (under 3’s free)
Senior Citizens £1.75
Season Tickets – please enquire

Historic Garden Tours

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RHS Partner Garden

We are delighted to have recently been accepted into the prestigious RHS Partner Garden Scheme which entitles all RHS members to FREE ENTRY year round to our gardens upon production of membership card

Gardening Volunteers

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